2 Elum Designs

Fabulous stationary, notebooks, and wrapping paper by Elum Design...


Anonymous said...

any luck with the 'catastrophes' poster? none here :(

check this out: http://vanessareynoso.blogspot.com/2007/11/sunny-side-upfocus-on-yellow-and-black.html

Jessica said...

Mix...I received this email from Zak on Saturday...

"Dear Jessica,
How odd. Great to know you like the work, unfortunately I only have a few copies myself!
Best wishes,
Zak Group
Unit 12 Sunbury Workshops
25 Swanfield Street
London E2 7LF
T +44(0)207 739 5947:

In response to this email...
"I was wondering if the print "A Series of Catastrophes and Celebrations" is available to purchase anywhere. I came across it by accident, and I absolutely love it. I blogged about the print:http://blackwhiteyellow.blogspot.com/2007/10/phrase-posters.html and several people have asked me if I knew where it can be purchased. Thanks and great work.

I don't think we are getting them...but I'll keep trying...

and thanks for this link...that's my kind of post...:)


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