1 A View from My Bedroom

I slept in this morning, which felt good, and have been hanging out in bed.  Things have been a little slow around here for a while partially because I have been sick for a while (more than two months- ridiculous I know).  After lots of doctors visits and many sluggish days I think I'm getting better. (Nothing serious by the way, we think, just bad allergies that tend to turn into sinus infections/bronchitis too often).  

So, I shot these images with my iphone yesterday and this morning (and posted on Instagram), and I've gotten a lot of questions about where things are from.  I thought I would do a quick credit round up of the things I can remember...

Grey Bedding: Dwell Studio Trellis 
Calendar: Stendig Calendar designed by Massimo Vignelli
Yellow Lamp: Vintage purchased from Morgan of The Brick House (when she had an Esty Shop)
Planter: Campy Planter from Perch! 
It's Ok's (Basswood and Yellow): Multi Polar Projects 
Stapler and Tape Dispenser: Poppin
Colorful Washi Tape: Target
Whale Erasers: Michaels
Prints in White Frames: Carlo Van Der Roer Orbs from 20x200
Cup with Dots: Marimekko Fokus Latte Mug
Yellow Box: Container Store

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love the use of bold colours and ADORE the whale erasers :D



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