3 Press Release Goodness:

So, when you have been blogging for a little while you get a lot of press releases.  A lot of them.  And for some irrational reason, for the most part they piss me off.  I can't explain why exactly, but they do.  Except when they are good, like this one:

Now, I know what you are thinking, oh awesome Jess, another great black, white, and yellow alphabet print or vintage letter stencil.

No.  These are freaking alphabet bookshelves. How awesome is that?!

Find out more here.


The Momma said...

I can't breathe I love this so much.

Lawn Party said...

so obsessed with these!

Scott McLemore said...

Incredible! Any guesses on the typeface? I'm gonna hestitantly say DIN.


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