3 Pedlars = Awesome

I should do a word count on the number times I use the word awesome on this blog.  I say it a lot in real life too.  In fact, I talk pretty much just like I write, short and to the point...except sometimes I get off track and mumble on and on...um anyway.

This store Pedlars is awesome.  These vintage yellow warehouse lights are awesome, that turquoise bakelite thermometer is awesome, those canteen utility chairs are awesome, and so is this sleeping bag.

If I ever won the lottery I would clean this place out.

Found thanks to the awesome Black Eiffel.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

thanks Jessica for the intro to Pedlars. I guess I had better bring in a pay check first before delving into this sight!


That Pedlar store is Awesome!!! I want them all;)

Christina said...

oh my, i want those canteen chairs in every color available.


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