4 Um, Hi.

So, you should know a couple of things about me.
1. Sometimes I need change.  Big change.  Although it scares me, occasionally I jump in feet first.
2. When I don't feel well I go into what we call "Cracky McCrackhead Mode".  Instead of resting like a normal sick person, I do things in extreme.  Usually things like cleaning, organizing, decorating, or designing.

So today I was in the mood for change.  And I'm not feeling well.

Does that explain that my blog looks completely different?

It's a work in progress, so please excuse things if they look a little wonky. I'm trying to make things better.


Speck said...

Change is gooooood!!!!

I just did the same thing....got me a big girl URL.

And Im still learning/figuring out, where to put everything so that it doesn't look whack.

Good luck--Im sure it'll look great when you're through.

Lindsay said...

I love the new look!!!


Rhianne said...

oh, I really like it! Change is good :)

I didn't realise you had a pininterest, I'l have to checek that out!

Jessica said...

Thanks! I'm really liking it!

Speck, Congrats! One day I hope to be a big girl too...


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