3 Stylist Sasa Antic

Amazing interiors from Stylist Sasa Antic via  Decor8


Linz said...

Can I say how much I love your blog?? Thus far, every single decor feature you've done...I've loved. Not liked, but loved. Each time, I think, "This is IT. This house is IT. No other house will do." Then you come up with another beautiful montage, and I find myself thinking, "No, THIS house is it!" over and over again.

Today, THIS house is it!!

The Momma said...

Just love European apartment interiors. Those high ceilings! Those tall windows! Those broad doorways! That plaster molding! But I think those clips would leave marks on the leather boots... I am digging that high chair.

Jessica said...

Linz, Thanks!

The Momma, I agree clips on boots probably not the best idea...but sure does look cool.


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