5 Christmas List

Dear Santa,

This is what I would love to see under this tree on Christmas morning. :)

A new camera. One that it is small and sleek, that takes great closeup pictures inside without a flash and night shots too. {For blogging and documenting and for the Etsy Shop} I think the Nikon Coolpix 630 in midnight blue might be the one...

2010 Stendig Calendar. The Big One. {It would be great if Santa could ship this to my house...it is very large to carry back home on the plane.}

Moleskine Large {8.5 x 5.25} Reporter Style Notebook with blank pages. {For doing daily drawings.}

Field Notes #2 Pencils...and maybe a pack of graph paper Field Books if Santa feels so inclined. {You know for doing Field Reports...really these just make me happy and remind me of Wes Anderson movies.}

Some new brown boots in size 7.5. Ones that look like they are vintage but aren't. Ones that are flat and have a v with a buckle in the back, because my calves are shapely and fall somewhere between mid calf and my knee. {Like these...but I have to try them on first!}

Gift cards and/or money to shop at my favorite shops {like Reform School} or Etsy {well Paypal} are always nice. :)

Thank you,


{Yes, friends this letter is to Santa. If you don't believe, he doesn't come. So, we made a pact to always believe. He hasn't let us down yet...}


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Simple pleasures that surely Santa can deliver. I too am hoping for a camera. May end up just getting a lump of coal however!

coral said...

whoa, I want those pencils in my stocking now!

Freck said...

Love the calendar, need that camera.

Good picks, good luck! :)

The Momma said...

See, that whole thing about The Secret, verbalizing your desires so they can come true... kids have been doing that for years in Santa letters. Another argument for being a kid again.

Tommy said...

I LOVE this post! I hope you get exactly what you asked for.


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