2 Inspiration Sunday...

Sorry friends I am slacking posting this weekend because I am in an all weekend class on mechanical and electrical systems (don't be jealous). I will come back with the credits for these great images later today.
{1} via
{2} via Desire to Inspire
{3} via Real Living
{4} via Plastolux


Tommy said...

I love that rug in the first picture, but I would like to see just a lil' something on the wall. Above the bed, perhaps? Maybe that person is ultra minimalist, though.

And I have often thought of displaying dishes like in the second picture. Does anyone do this?

(Good luck on your class!)

Jessica said...


I really like the rug too. I do agree that the room could use a great piece of art above the bed though.

As far as the open shelving in the kitchen....this is my dream. But I have heard (and you can imagine) that everything gets dusty. I am going to pretend it doesn't and keep dreaming.


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