3 Strawberry Vintage Menagerie!

Strawberries are probably my favorite fruit...which is saying a lot, because I really like fruit in general. And they signify the beginning of summer, which is very pleasant.
As Frank Lloyd Wright said, "I believe in God, only I spell it Nature." I find plants and flowers, but especially fruits so incredibly beautiful. Strawberries are so wonderfully lovely...and they taste fantastic too!
Anyway, I created a fantastic Etsy Vintage Strawberry Roundup...Enjoy!
Row 1:
Find them all {plus more} in my Etsy Favorites...
Side Note 1: I got a bit off topic...you'll have to forgive me I am doped up on all sorts of allergy meds {which also explains the sporadic posting lately}.
Side Note 2: I have been concocting this post for the last week. Yesterday Apartment Therapy posted this great round-up of vintage apple products. I didn't want anyone to think I was copying...


Melissa~ said...

i love it!
im a strawberry addict, so this is like drug to me xD
visit my blog!

carina said...

so cute! you gathered some great finds. :)

Chroma Lab said...

I have a vintage strawberry container that I keep my kitties' treats in. It livens up the whole kitchen with its cuteness. I love the ones you've found here.


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