3 Destination Las Vegas

Um, not so much Curing going on this week/weekend...I'm in Fabulous Vegas!

Images: Red Rock Resort {where I'm staying...}


Unknown said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a few months now - and I LOVE the designs that you put up. They are great. I thought I would make you aware of something I think you would really like www.shaklee.net/BCMsal they have products that are totally "green" the company has been around for over 50 years. I recently posted some videos on my blog if you want to watch them. Just thought you might be interested! Keep up the good work - I love your finds!!

Brit said...

JESS ... OMG!!!! I am so jealous, its all we talked about today. We were all like, I dont want to be here ... wish we were in vegas with jess! The 2nd picture in the 2nd row, with the awesome sitting (esp the black and white striped huge ottoman) ... thats where I want to be right now! with an awesome colorful fruity drink!! We went to lunch and had a moment when we walked by your desk today! tear!

Jessica said...

Hi Christy! Thanks for the props and the link!

Thanks Brit, I wish you guys could have been there too. We will definitely have to go back, it was so fun...but I missed you guys!


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