Hi! I'm Jessica...

I am originally from Fort Worth, Texas.  I moved to New Orleans, LA in 2000 to go to Tulane School of Architecture.  In 2005, I received my Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture {on the same day...isn't that funny}.  I decided that I loved New Orleans so much that I wanted to stay for a while...which turned into ten years in total! Crazy!

My parents and my little sister, Lauren, moved to Los Angeles in 2004, because my sister is a dancer and she was dancing with the Debbie Allen Dance Academy...which is kinda awesome. Although they were only planning on staying there until she got to college {which she has}, they really like it and now I'm not sure if they will ever leave.  So, after countless visits and much missing them in between...I quit my job, packed up my stuff and moved to LA to start an exciting new chapter in my life!  I miss New Orleans and all my fabulous friends, but I'm loving getting situated and exploring Los Angeles and enjoying spending time with my family.

I'm an Architect...Architectural Designer technically because I'm not quite licensed, but I'm working on getting official...I've passed 9 of the 10 tests so far, which I'm really proud of!  I worked for five years in New Orleans at a Design-Build firm working on a variety of projects, and now in LA I'm working for Gensler in the Aviation and Transportation Studio...my current project includes working on site at LAX, pretty exciting.

I started this blog in 2007 on a total whim.  There weren't so many design blogs back then, and I wanted a place to collect and share things that inspire me.  I can't tell you how much joy this blog has brought me, and how many wonderful people I have "met".  I LOVE hearing from people who enjoy the blog...so feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email.

I also love to share the inspiration that I find.  I really do my best to always credit the images that I post to the designer and the source where I found them.  I encourage you to do the same.  If you see something that is credited incorrectly or incompletely, please let me know so I can fix it.  Also, I am very happy to share any images of my spaces/photographs...no need to ask if you want to repost them, just please credit and link them back to this site.  And I'd love for you to let me know...it makes me really excited to know that I am inspiring other people!


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