1 Kristina's Fabulous Finds: Artwork by Al Held

I am so excited to announce {Black.White.Yellow.}'s very first guest contributor: Kristina!  

I absolutely love when people send me links and images of things they think I will like {usually, appropriately, things that are black, white, and yellow}.  Kristina and I became friends {via the internet} because she took this to a whole new level.  She has sent me so many great finds on a regular basis over the last few years.  We have a fun continuous dialogue sending things back and forth, and we've really bonded over well design things.  So, one day I thought: why not have Kristina be a contributor on the blog?!  I was so happy that she was on board, so without further ado....please welcome Kristina!

Since falling in love with {Black.White.Yellow.}, I've been unable to resist emailing Jessica whenever I see things that remind me of her blog, or that I think she would get a kick out of. We've never met, yet I love dashing off a quick email, as if to a close girlfriend, to say "girl, did you SEE this?" Most recently, the May cover of Architectural Digest arrested me in my tracks (at Home Depot of all places). I knew that painting must be right up Jessica's alley. It's Phoenicia VIII by Al Held, who also produced these other black and white "hard-edge paintings" in a some-decade-long hiatus from his characteristically colorful pieces. Held eventually taught at Yale University Faculty of Art. New Yorkers can enjoy an enormous Held mural in the subway at Lexington and 53rd.

Images from: Architectural Digest and Artnet

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OAK House 5. said...

Love this blog, so inspiring! I always start my day with a little Black.White.Yellow. !


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