1 One Year of White Pages

One Year of White Pages...these are so right up my alley:
Designer Alessandro Esteri’s soft moleskin-like notebooks are the perfect mini accessory for any jacket pocket or evening bag. One notebook for each month of the year, each one demarcated by a tiny punch hole. So the first notebook features a single hole, the second book has two holes and so on, all the way up through 12. Blank pages make them ideal for artists, architects and doodlers of all ages. The set, neatly filed in its own black box, makes a good gift for the friend or stranger who has everything or desires nothing...but a place to record stuff.
Found thanks to Design Is Mine. 

1 comment:

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...

I love the idea! I've been searching for something like this.

Even though I'm a believer in black, I would have loved them with another cover. Well that's being picky :)


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