1 Fantastic Trasforming Garden Lanterns

Fantastic Trasforming Garden Lanterns from Gray Organschi Architecture...I love these.  I would love to lounge in one this weekend.  (PS, it's supposed to be 80 degrees this weekend in LA...in January.  I love it.)

We conceived of these structures as simple sculptural volumes that would change in form and program with the season: during warm-weather months, the small buildings open to create enormous roofed sofas beneath a pleated and folded cloth canopy strung on a high-tension aircraft cable trellis; in the winter, screens made from a lattice of white cedar laminated with an internal layer of translucent polycarbonate enclose the containers for the storage of garden furniture.  Lit from within, the boxes transform into lanterns in the winter landscape, austere free-standing lamps that echo their function in warmer weather and the promise of summer months to come.

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Dawn Nicole said...

If that was my backyard I would have to find a way to work from home!


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