0 Artist Andy Vogt

Lovely artwortk from artist Andy Vogt.

All objects have a beginning and an end, at least when it comes to our economic value system. Objects allude to reference points in the built landscape, our own reality, and we reinforce this structural vernacular on many levels from the cubes that we live in to what we imagine a fence "means". Our burning need to make order out of chaos subsides only briefly before our true entropic nature overrides us and trashes it all.

Mining San Francisco's dumpsters I salvage wood strips of plaster lath discarded during home renovation projects and re-assemble them into geometric wall drawings and structures. I see these works as re-crystallized skeletal incarnations of an obsoleted system that has been frozen in suspended animation. Their shapes have a hazy connection to literal structures but subscribe to alternate formal hierarchies.

The materials are what have driven this body of work. Their history, both natural and as a building material, form the basis of their re-use.

Found thanks to All The Mountains.

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