2 Art from Stephen Ormandy

I was doing some more research on this house that I posted earlier this week from Vogue Living Australia, I realized that the owner, Tim Olsen is also the artist responsible for some of the great art work.  I adore his portfolio, especially this piece.

Correction {Thanks Nat!}: This great artist is Stephen Ormandy, who is represented by the Tim Olsen Gallery...Stephen is also part of the group Dinosaur Designs {more to come on this fun group and their work!}.


nat said...

hey Jess
Great paintings!
the artist you like is Stephen Ormandy - he is represented by the Tim Olsen gallery.

Stephen's also one of the people behind another great Aussie jewelry/homewares design team, Dinosaur Designs
they make all sorts of awesome resin stuff you'll prob like too.

Jessica said...

Oh Nat, thank you so much for the correction. The art really is great, I will definitely check out Dinosaur Designs.


I'm enjoying flipping through your tumblr feed as well...very lovely inspiration!


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