0 Inspired By Architecture {Terragni's Casa Del Fascio}

I have been neglecting my Inspired By Architecture posts, but I'm going to try to do better...because they really do make me happy.  I hope you enjoy them too...

Casa Del Fascio really appeals to my stark modernist and rule-loving side.  It is simple, undecorated, and logical....what do you think about it?

Name: Casa Del Fascio
Giuseppi Terragni
Location: Como, Italy
Date: Completed in 1936

"The landmark of modern European architecture. This building describes the creative spirit of Terragni within the context of the rationalist vocabulary. It is an early testament of style, which might explain why, fifty years later, it is the object of passionate studies. It is a perfect prism with the side 33.20 meters long and 16.60 meters high. It represents a starting point of such rigidity as to encourage a struggle against any classicist potential. The square and the prism are in fact the basic principles of the purism of Le Corbusier. In the building it is these principles that are being questioned because the main volume is not on 'pilotis' and the facades are not free from the structural framework, in fact, they are involved with it, so as to achieve a layered depth. The pulling back of the entrance and breaking up of the top make certain that the building attains a transparency....The human scale and the horizontal prevail." — Bruno Zevi. Guiseppe Terragni.

Image from: Flickr

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