1 Stable Cafe

Another fantastically designed cafe...the Stable Cafe in San Fransisco designed by Malcolm Davis. The menus hung by clipboards and written in Architect's Font are a nice touch.

Side Note: I have realized I don't really share a lot about me on this blog. I am going to try to fix that. So, first I think I have told you before that I decided to be an Architect when I was 12. I can honestly say I think it had nothing to do with the actual architecture...it was the handwriting. I have written in all caps since then. {Even in prep school where we were required to write in cursive, I wrote in caps...most of the time. I don't think I could write in cursive now if my life depended on it.} Second, I hate milk. I was allergic when I was little and I am still sensitive to milk products. So that last picture actually makes me quite nauseous. However, I love me some ice cream....in moderation. Actually, I really like desserts in general. I'm just rambling now, we will blame it on the absurd amount of allergy medicine I am on.

And how is it already May?? This year is flying by...

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from the right bank said...

This place is totally charming. I love that font - not enough to become an architect(!) but maybe that's why I hang out with so many of them?


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