0 {February} Resolution Update

I didn't do as well this month, but here are my updates and excuses:

ARE exams: Ok, Mardi Gras was this month, so I knew I wouldn't get much done in this department. I have been studying...some. But I didn't take any tests. This is ok though, I think my brain needed a break. And I got good results from last months tests...yeah!

Work: This month was a bit stressful at work, but I am pushing through. I completed two big deadlines...and this week I was rewarded for my hard work! Yay!
NO shopping until May: I do not get a check for this one. I was bad this month. In true Carnival form, I have overindulged. A big fat X for this one. I will get back on track for March.
Finances and The budget: Despite it being Mardi Gras and doing so poorly on the no shopping challenge I still managed to stick to my budget and pay the allocated amount for each bill...check.
Fitness: Did I mention it was Mardi Gras? Although this did require a lot of walking...

Growing the blog: Still need to work on this one, but my visitors count is steadily rising...thanks!

Despite not doing so well, I am not giving up!
Pictured are some of my favorite purchases from Etsy {and these are ok, because I sold quite a few items this month!}

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