3 Apartment Therapy Closet Mini Cure

So, for several weeks I have been working on my closet, and I am finally finished. I was getting really frustrated when I was trying to get dressed in the mornings. Sometimes I would try on things that didn't fit, which would frustrate me. I was also a bit overwhelmed, so I was wearing the same outfits again and again despite having so many clothes in my closet. It's not that my closet was horribly unorganized before, but it was stuffed with clothes, bags, towels, and craft stuff. I'm actually pretty good about purging my closet on a regular basis, but this time I needed a huge purge.

I started about by taking every item out of my closet. Next I tried them ALL on. Part of the problem was, I have a lot of clothes that don't fit. I don't mean clothes from when I was 18, that I will never fit into again. Just clothes that are one size to small. So, I divided the clothes into three equally sized piles: clothes that fit now, clothes that are in very good condition and just barely don't fit, and clothes that are more than one size too small or I no longer like. The last pile I bagged up and sold/donated. The "a little to small but still really nice and stylish" pile was packed away in huge zip lock bags and placed under the bed. If by next year, they still don't fit, I will get rid of them too. {But now that I see my closet could have twice as many options, I am determined that they will fit.}

Then I began working on the closet itself. I took down one of the bars and replaced it with custom cut shelves. I also eliminated most of the storage cubes that were under the hanging clothes. I found the perfect narrow hamper to house all my extra hangers on clearance at Target. I papered the top of the closet walls with my favorite Snow and Graham paper. I also purchased some new canvas bins to compliment the now no longer overflowing ones that I already owned.

Next, I put the remaining clothes back in the closet. The bags, towels, and jewelry were also purged and reorganized for easy finding. I love my jewelry display on the back on the door. Now, everything has a specific place. When I get dressed in the morning, I can see all the options. And EVERYTHING in the closet is an option because it fits!

Here are the autocad drawings of each of the elevations so you can really see where everything is.


Jessica C. said...

I loooooove organized closets!

i especially love that you did autocad elevations! i just finished doing my autocad homework (cadd/interior design student) and i wish i was doing something as fun as closet elevations!

good job! :)

evencleveland said...

This looks terrific - I am feeling the pangs of closet envy.

That wall paper!

Poppy Frock said...

tell me about your light fixture...love it!!!


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