4 Playroom Mini Cure / Weekly Flowers/ The LULU is HERE!

In preparation of my little sister arriving for a visit in NOLA. The playroom got a little mini cure that included:
-Hemming the curtains...finally!
-Organizing the craft supplies and my new goodie box from Decor8
-Cleaning off the desk
-Finally replacing the TV remote control that broke like two years ago
-New flowers from my favorite flower lady at the farmer's market
-Ribbon loops sewn on bath towels
-Lots of laundry
-A multi-day search for the perfect affordable summer weight blanket (which turned out to be a very light down alternate blanket in a Jonathan Adler duvet cover)
-New artwork on the art wall...much more vibrant now. Several of the items are from the Inspiration Box!
-A little gift of Burt's lip gloss and Lotion
And now I'm off to play....


drwende said...

That room is so cute!

Visual Vamp said...

Love your blog! Nice to see another NOLA gal doing something so nice.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

REALLY love the frames and how they were positioned o the wall...and the cushions ...all look real cute together!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Jessica said...


Kelli, those are from Ikea. I got them on clearance in the garden department last time I was in LA. They are perfect to house {at least for now} my felt collection.


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