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This weekend I was in Nashville for my good friend Dawn's bachelorette party. It was fantastic. I was really impressed with the city and all of the cool restaurants and shops that it has. We stayed at the Union Station Hotel, which was great. Mostly we did a lot of eating and drinking at some amazing places. {If you plan on visiting Nashville, I highly recommend all the places listed below}

The agenda:
Breakfast @ Prime 108
Some Culture @ The Frist Center for the Visual Arts {The exhibit Monet to Dali was great, but the fact that you get an Ipod guided tour was even better. And the floor of the main gallery in this museum was to die for...they wouldn't let me take pics unfortunately.}
Dinner @ Boundry
Drinking and Karaoke @Lonnie's Western Bar {Yes, that is right. I was at a country bar. And I sang karaoke to a country song...in a big group, not by myself, but I did it...you know I must really love Dawn.}

Dinner @ Radius 10 {This place was AMAZING...it couldn't have been more perfect the atmosphere was great, the food was fantastic, and the service was probably the best I've ever had.}

Brunch @ Margot Cafe
Shopping @ Pangea and Fire Finch {I found some amazing goodies at these shops...pics to come} Plus a quick stop @ the Saks Outlet that resulted in the most perfect little black Vince dress...
Pics: Radius 10 {from their website} and Train {by me}

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