4 Apartment Therapy Fall Cure To-Do List and Before Pics

I have finally put together my to do list and before pics for my Apartment Therapy Fall Cure :

Living Room
-Hem Curtains
-Paint Side Table
-New Couch Cover
-New Coffee Table
-Freshen Art over couch- new objects for cubes
-Hang mirror- where??
-Create Bar Area?
-Frame and hang Poster
-More art
-Freshen Landing Strip
-New flat screen TV and entertainment center (in December)

My Bathroom
-New Shower Curtain
-New Rug
-New Accessories
-Hang Shelf
-Hook/Art Project

Bedroom (aka. the Futon Lover's Room that needs a total overhaul)
-Remove outbox items left over from Spring Cure
-Purge unused pillows on futon
-Get/Make a Headboard
-New Bedskirt
-Bed table- fix existing or get new
-Improve lighting
-New curtains
-Get rid of the last outdoor chair that is inside
The pics of this room are just too awful to post...This was the compromise room with the bf- it's "his room", I just sleep there. So, I try my best to not complain about its state. I never spend any time in here except when I'm asleep. The futon that I moved into the room from the living room during the Spring Cure is completely covered with throw pillows that I don't use and his clothes that he has decided no longer need to go in his closet. I have yet to empty the outbox from the spring cure, my fault, not because I'm having a hard time letting the items go, but because of logistics. He works nights, I work days so it's hard to coordinate when to work in this room....LUCKILY he will be out of the country for 10 days during this cure...I'll take advantage of the situation...


Jamey said...

hey there. i clicked to your blog from apartmenttherapy.com. i'm going to be doing the cure for the first time, so it is nice to see somebody else in nola in the group! happy curing.

Jessica said...

Hi Jamey!
It is nice to have others from NOLA joining, good luck with your Cure!

Anne At Large said...

Good luck, the one suggestion I would make is your living room looks pretty darn good but a nice big area rug would tie it all together really nicely.

Jessica said...

thanks Anne, I was thinking the same thing yesterday...you don't think it is weird to put a rug on top of carpet? that is my only hesitation, but I do think it might really tie things together...


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