2 Apartment Therapy Cure Bathroom Inspiration

Inspiration pics for the bathroom...including several pics I took around NOLA (Commander's Palace, Race St. house, and 1441 Jackson St.) I'm really into the striped awnings right now, as you can see...

Image 1 from Domino Magazine
Image 2 Photo by me
Image 3 Photo by me
Image 4 from Ann Sacks
Image 5 from Domino Magazine
Image 6 from Domino Magazine
Image 7 Photo by me
Image 8 from Domino Magazine
Image 9 from Ann Sacks
Image 10 from Domino Magazine


Poppy Frock said...

i am totally drooling over the yellow in those bathrooms....it scares me a little bit to do it myself though because i always hear that yellow is unflattering....but these rooms make me want to go for it

Jessica said...

I'm with you...my sink area is separated from the shower/toilet area, so maybe just in that area...maybe we should just do it...second option I'm thinking about is a cool grey with yellow accessories...


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