0 Weekend Fun Finds

After a rough week at work, I have been determined to have a good weekend. So, I did some shopping...

At the farmer's market, in addition to the beautiful flowers, I picked up some awesome fatty carrots and beautiful tomatoes {they are so pretty it ALMOST makes me want to eat one} I also found these beautiful yellow plums at Whole Foods. {I just ate one, after I took this pic...it was tasty and so juicy.}

While I was downtown, I stopped by Urban Outfitters. I was hoping to pick up this, or a similar, tapestry {to make a sofa cover as part of my Cure} but unfortunately they are doing away with the home furnishings at my UO. I did get this cute reusable bag on clearance {for $4}.

Next stop was World Market where I found this cool woven laundry basket, my favorite lychee gummy candies, and some frosted cocktail tumblers. {The best part: I had a reward coupon, so everything was free!}

Then on to Target, where I found several serving trays that I really liked. But I put the others back when I saw this one...I love that it looks vintage with its scalloped edges. I also got this cute
Linen Dress that fits cute. And then came the really exciting part...the Dwell Bedding has arrived!! I spent about 30 minutes deciding between these two prints. The first seems like the obvious choice {being black, white, and yellow} but I ended up going with the circles. I like that is ties in with the gray accent wall that I painted in the bedroom during the Fall Cure, and I like that it introduces kelly green {which is my other favorite color.} I do have to say that I got nervous because the black in the first set was more of a dark olive color and not so much black. I compared several sets and they were each a little different in saturation. The circle print has a rich saturated black...so we will see how it does in the laundry {I've read many reviews of bleeding occurring in Target bedding.} But I'm very excited with my new purchase and how it will be inspiring part of my Cure!!

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