7 Apartment Therapy Cure Week 1 Accomplishments

Week 1 Accomplishments
-Thoroughly cleaned including under the bed and walk-in closet
-Put away all of the bf's clothes
-Did a ridiculous amount of laundry including all bedding and mound of towels from the closet
-Got rid of all outbox items including TV, outside chair that was inside, and extra throw pillows
-Purchased and put on new bedskirt
-Purchased and then returned new sheets
-Found new lamp and lampshade
-Found a home for the mirror that doesn't require hanging in on the wall!
-Painted accent wall

The bedroom after the first week!

-Declogged the sink drain
-Purchased paint
-Purchased new towels

-Had the maintenance man fix the front door (it was sticking terribly so you had to throw your whole body weight at it so it would open)
-Thoroughly cleaned kitchen including fridge and pantry
-Had the bf's poster framed and hung
-Found a great mirror at a garage sale (now where to put it...)

I'm feeling pretty good for week one...Now I'm off to find curtains for the bedroom while everyone else in the city is watching the Saints game..


zooza said...

Wow, you've been working hard. That mirror and lamp make all the difference - your bedroom is looking great.

Jessica said...


Alana in Canada said...

Very impressive.

Sadia Bruce said...

Nice work!

sarah said...

i really like the proportion of the mirror and the dresser. great lamp!

Kitties! said...

It looks fantastic! You must have been pounding Red Bulls all week.

Mella DelPantano said...

Good job, and the lamp is perfect in there!


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