2 New Art

I'm in the market for some new affordable art. I ordered these two prints from Mammoth Collection yesterday that I'm super excited about!

I'll be honest, although I love them and what they are doing, I get a little frustrated with the shipping costs of many of the affordable art sites (like 20x200 and Little Paper Planes).  It's probably totally justifiable on their end, but often causes me to second guess my purchases.  BUT, right now Mammoth Collection is offering 25% off every print in their collection using the discount code "FATHERSDAY"...more than makes up for shipping costs.  Thanks Mammoth Collection!

Anyone have any other art suggestions for me, and/or discount shipping codes!?

Left Print: Cradle by Lauren Bahr
Right Print: Landscape Painting 1 by Russell Leng


kat said...

Great prints. Love the one on the left, especially. it seems pleasantly editorial somehow. like it could be on one of those stylized covers of 'wired'.

alison richards said...

Try living in Australia... postage usually costs the same or MORE than the item you're buying! Its so stupid!
I like your choices :)


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