3 Dwell Studio Trellis

Thanks to becoming re-obsessed with Pinterest, and not sleeping, thus having hours to scour every inch of the site...I have realized why I can't commit to ordering Dwell Studio's Trellis in Dove grey:  Because I want it in black and white.

Dwell Studio: Have any thoughts of bringing this back in black and white? Or have any old stock hanging around that you might want to sell me?
Readers:  Anyone have a gently used duvet and/or pillowcases they want to sell to me? PLEASE!?

Images  from Mark Lund found thanks to House of Turquoise and Dwell Studio.


Elina said...

lovely bedrooms!

Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

I can see why you want it in that color scheme - it is just the right amount of pop!

Rachel said...

I know exactly what your'e saying! I've added it to my shopping cart 1,000 times but never buy it. I'd buy it in B&W in a heartbeat.


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