1 Project Runway {3}

After watching the third episode for the fourth time, I've decided I was a bit unfair with my earlier statements. It wasn't my favorite challenge, and there were many horrible boring designs. But there were a few that stood out...

I think Kit should have won with her fleece blazer. {with the collar up it looks like my beloved Bella Blazer} I thought the length of Christian's blazer was unique in a good way {although I hate the shirt and the way he talks} And as we are becoming accustom to Rami and Victorya has solid designs.

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Unknown said...

I love that we are blogging about something I understand. SCORE!!!

Anyway, I totally concur with most of your statements. I loved Rami's jacket and it would have looked fab on Tiki. I really feel like Christian let me down this week because he was desiging for a gay heroin addict from the future not Tiki Barber.


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