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So about a month ago I decided I absolutely must have a bike. I live in a neighborhood in New Orleans where many people ride bikes. I decided it would be really nice to be able to ride to pick up dinner half a mile away, rather than driving. I could also use the exercise.

The thing that has kept me from getting one thus far: I hadn't ridden a bike in about 13 years, I was a bit (okay a lot) afraid that A. I wouldn't remember how and B. this would certainly cause an immediate head injury. And C. the cost, because of course not just any old bike would do, it had to be a cool vintage one of appropriate color.

So this morning I ran (well...drove) to a garage sale near my house and voila...a bike that meets my standards. It is an older version of this Schwinn bike but without the fenders.

I nervously practiced in the parking garage below my building, and then took it out for a spin around the neighborhood. I am happy to report that A. I can still ride a bike and B. NO HEAD INJURIES...YAY!

Photo: www.schwinn.com

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