4 Stripes | Kate Spade Saturday

So, somehow it's been a year.  And I still love {and continue to buy} black and white striped things from Kate Spade Saturday.  I guess not much has changed.  

I don't really have any good excuses for why I stopped blogging for so long.  Work {often exhausting, I'm sure many of you can relate} mostly got in the way.  But also happy things, like being out exploring the world with dear friends.  I also think my Pinterest and Instagram accounts have filled in so well, I didn't miss blogging which honestly had started to feel like work too.  

But lately I've realized that I do miss blogging, terribly. For all you who sent kind and encouraging comments and emails, thank you so much.  They meant more than you know.  

And so here I am, hopefully for good again.  

∆ Jess

Fold In Wide Tote in Black/Cream Mini Stripe  + Reversible Call Me Dress in Black Skinny Stripe/Black Wide Stripe  Both from Kate Spade Saturday


Siobhan said...

Good to see you back in the game. I go through blogging in fits and starts. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Jessica said...

Thank you Siobhan.

Patrick and Nikki Getting Married said...

Glad to have you back! Happy to see this populate my feed today!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks Patrick/Nikki!


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