4 Another Fantasy Vacation: A Modern Cabin

The next stop in my dream fantasy vacation is to this modern cabin in Sweden.  Oh those Swedes, they know how to do a cabin.  From Stockholm firm PS Arkitektur.

Found thanks to A Merry Mishap and The Remodelista.


AMM blog said...

They really know how to do a cabin!
Thanks for linking Jess, you're always so good about that! :)

molly lubs tompkins said...

oh those swedes know design! what an ideal retreat. all the cabins i have ever been to have been so gooped up with knick-knacks it's hard to feel relaxed. this place looks ideal for some good reads and long naps!

little petite said...

Ahhh, It looks so relaxing & calming. I could use a bit of snow since it has been so warm here!

londonhideaways said...

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