15 Please Forgive Me If Things Look a Little Off...

{UPDATE}: Thank you so much for your feedback, it was very useful. I am in the process of tweaking things. The {OBSESSION} links are gone, and I think I have the issue of the narrow bar moving to the bottom of the page fixed {please tell me if it is still happening on your computer.}, but I have the margins way more messed up than they were before. Hopefully that will be corrected tonight, so please bear with me in the mean time. Thanks! Jessica

Dear Readers,

I need some feedback from you guys, please!

As you probably noticed, I made some layout changes to {Black.White.Yellow.} before the holidays. I think I am liking them, but I want to make things a bit more streamlined and functional over the next few weeks.

My questions are:

1. I am worried that depending on how your screen display is set you may not be seeing all the columns. You should see the header with an about me box to the right. Underneath you should see three columns, the fat post column and two skinny columns. The third should line up with the about me box. Is this what you see?

2. Do you ever use my labels index entitled {OBSESSIONS}? There you can click on the subjects and posts with those tags will come up. Although I think it is useful, it takes up a lot of space. I am thinking about getting rid of it, unless people are using it.

3. Do you like the post column in the new layout or did you like it better in the middle of the page? I realize this is totally opinion based, but I am torn and curious what you think.

Feel free to leave any other thoughts or suggestions here too...

The first person to answer these three questions will get a free ad space for the remainder of the month for their blog or shop!

For everyone I am offering a advertising special: $15 for an ad for the remainder of January and all of February. Just leave a comment with your email, or email me for more information!

I look forward to your input!



Kati @ Housewife_Swagger said...

I like this layout! I have never used your obsessions link. I'll write more later.

Tess Carter said...

I was confused about the first question- until I realized I WASN'T seeing all 3 columns! I lost the middle one- but only because I'd recently squeezed my window smaller than usual. If it's open to the whole screen all 3 show up correctly. As per the labels, I've never used them- If I'm looking for something specific (on this or any blog) I usually do a search instead. As per the post column- If you'd have asked before I'd have said put it on the left side, but I think I actually do prefer the way it was (in the middle). It's certainly not bad the way it is though! I only thought that after you asked anyway :)

Regardless, the rest of it all looks great- I REALLY like the new 3rd column with the email/twitter/etsy/etc buttons! :) great job!

Erika Machamer said...

Hi -
I love your blog and have for a long time! Our company logo is charcoal gray, white and yellow so I get a lot of inspiration from you.

Anyway - I read your blog in google reader so I don't see the columns at all unless I post on a link to comment. As such, I haven't ever clicked on obsessions...but I do check your blog goodness list for any new sites I might like.

Thanks for a fabulous blog. Happy new year!

Stephanie said...

I the "about me" section on my screen is off the page, meaning I have to scroll on the bottom to the right to see it. THe header looks like it lines up with two columns to me, the left one is the main big one and the right which has a picture, email twitter etc.
I don't use the obsessions links, but in this case I had to search for them. They are 3/4 of the way down the page for me. Not to say I wouldn't use them, it is just a lot of information.
I like the post column on the side, like you said just a personal preference!

Melissa A said...

I like how your posts are now to the left instead of the middle of the page. I am seeing this alot lately and I think it is a cleaner, more uncluttered look. I have not used your obessions column. I like the buttons for your e-mail, flicker etc on the side big and bold like they are and I agree with Stephanie about your "about me" section. I think it would look good if it was moved over right next to your post column or right above your e-mail. I like the new look and layout overall. It's clean and fresh.

Tenille said...

1. They don't line up in my screen. I have a huge screen and they are spaced widely apart. I still see three layers but they are using the whole screen, not flush under the banner (if that makes sense).

2. I've never used the obsessions links.

3. I love the clean look of posting on the left. But that's just my preference.

lanne said...

I love your blog - it is one of my favorites as the items are NEW and not what I see on 5 other design blogs.. I don't use the Obsessions links - and i actually rarely come to the site (rss feed).. I get all three columns but I am on a 30 inch screen so not overly helpful probably. Thanks for all of your efforts in finding such wonderful items to post about!

AppleTree said...

I have a 15in Mac and I see all three columns I never use the Obsessions column either and am debating about moving my own list off my blog as well. I do like the posts on the left. I recently started my blog and am just learning how to manage the template better. nice work.

Dora said...


I love your blog! I'm always inspired by your posts, and I seriously now have a greater appreciation of the black,white,yellow combination.

Anyway, heres my responses to your questions.

1. I happened to have my browser window (Safari on a mac specifically) set so that the third column does line up pretty close to pixel perfect with the about box. Resizing the window even a small bit moves everything around, misaligning the box and the column. If the window gets too small, the columns start to disapear too.

2. I haven't used the links labeled {OBSESSIONS}. I had briefly noticed them and just assumed that they were outgoing links to other sites (like CB2 or Urban Outfitters...) On clicking one of the links, I see I was incorrect about what the links lead too. I do think having these kind of tags links on a blog is pretty useful for new readers to navigate a blog.

3. I do like the content column on the left side of the page. I think there are smart choices made in putting it there.

Hope this helps!

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

I like this layout and can view all three columns. however, there seems to be a big gap between the first column and the 2nd & #rd. I think if that gap was fixed, the third column would fit perfectly under your header.

honestly, I've used your index a fewtimes. I like indexes/tags especially for a blog such as yours. easy for people to find info on a particular subject.

no preference on post column placement. :)

ps: I'm on a Mac, using Firefox browser.

Freck said...

Although I loved your layout before, I'm really loving this one more. Everything looks very clean and I can easily find whatever I'm looking for. I never used the obsession links, but I still think they're a good idea (if the upkeep isn't tough :) Again, I loved the layout before, too though! Love your blog, so inspirational!

Deborah said...


On my browser your right column is aligned with the about me, but the post column and middle column are offset to the left under your header. It makes a big gap between your two thinner columns. I do like the posts on the left though, it's nice to have a fresh look! I have also never used your obsessions links. I think it would be helpful to people though, if you decided to keep it.

alison richards said...

Being that I have a 24" screen, the blog column on the left is REALLY hard to read, and would make it less likely that I would actually read it. Columns to read should be in the middle to make it as easy as possible. The other columns seem to be placed arbitrarily, though I can tell that one is align right and the other align centre. But sorry, I really hate the reading column being on the far left.
I have never noticed the obsessions index. if its on the column on the right but past the page break, i have never seen it. I do actually think you have too much in this column - you have to assume that people are inherently lazy and will not keep scrolling to read tiny writing in an obscure position. Plus, the labels don't make enough sense, particularly the 2 destination labels...
No i do not like the column in the middle. I actually am really against it. as i said, my widescreen screen means its too hard to read and there is too much empty, weird space.
Please put it back in the middle!!

katherine said...

Love the new layout and have to say I missed reading your blog during the break ;)

Tommy said...

I'm so behind, but I like what you've done with the place. It was always really nice and engaging, but I think now it's even better. Keep up the great work! Happy New Year, too!


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