2 See Jess Dress...

Even though I am not supposed to be shopping...I have been.

{1} J Crew Wool Skirt {This is for our company holiday party...well, that is my excuse for splurging...we shall discuss more later.}

{7} J Crew Boyfriend Tissue V-neck Tees {I have these in like every color. They are amazing.}


Kristen said...

that blazer is great! i'm going to have to go get one...old navy has been so blah for the past year or so, but i love the blazer :)

annnd, everything jcrew makes these days is so lovely.

Jessica said...

Kristen, I agree...Old Navy goes through big swings, but they have a couple of great new items.

I don't think I knew you were interested in said scarf. :)


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