3 Inspiration from Living Etc.

I LOVE the use of color in this house. From Living Etc. April 2008


coral said...

I saw this in a different mag a couple of years ago. That dining room is just stunning. Great use of pretty standard mid-century fare.

willows bark said...

I always LOVE the use of bright color in someone else's home, but am so hesitant to take the plunge in my own.

I have a fairly neutral palette with lots of earthy colors and splashes of orange (my all time favorite home decor color), but wonder if I'd tire of something so bright and bold.

Any suggestions for introducing color......gradually?

Jessica said...

I think the key is to buy a few colorful pieces that you absolutely love that just happen to be colorful(as opposed to going out with the intention of buying something colorful).

Honestly I think neutrals with random pops of color are the best interiors. I NEVER dreamed my house would be this colorful, but it just progressed that way. Good luck!


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