3 Typical New Orleans Night

Nights like last night are ones you never want to forget. My friends and I ate at one of our favorite restaurants Jacquimo's {first picture}, then went to the Maple Street Bar {other three pics}, and to Monkey Hill. It wasn't a particularly eventful night, just a good time, spent with great friends, in an amazing city.
If you even come to New Orleans, you MUST eat at Jacquimo's. Not only is the food amazing, it is so representative of the city. Getting a table is an event {although we have amazing luck just walking right in- go early}. You may have to wait an hour or two, as it is tiny, but it is worth it. You will either walk through the kitchen to get to your table, eat outside, or in the back of the pick-up truck in front {I'm not kidding}. There is plenty to drink at the bar next to the hostess stand or next door at the Maple Street Bar {You have to go here when you eat at Jacquimo's. Jack is known to bring appetizers over from next door. Last night the bartender was dressed as a showgirl and there was confetti EVERYWHERE- including the toilets.}. The tables are so close together that you can barely get into your seat, but don't worry you neighbors will be friendly and you will get to know them at some point in the meal. It is perfect for any occasion {you can dress however you like} and a must if you visit the city.


jessie Magee said...

Ooooh, you're killing me. Eggplant pirogue...crawfish cheesecake...and the redfish. Oh, the redfish.
That's in the running for my favorite stretch of street in the world. Be there in a few weeks!

BRIT said...

Oh it was a wonderful night ... I am still laughing!

kelli said...

It seems as though all nights that start there end well. And Jessie Magee, try the fried chicken....it is unbelievable. The margaritias were pretty good too.


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