1 Project Runway [Season 5] {Week 2}

This week's Project Runway challenge was The Grass Is Always Greener. Designer's were asked to use green fabrics to create a cocktail dress. Natalie Portman, whom I love, was the guest judge. The catch: the models went shopping for the fabric, resulting in many of the designers having the same poo brown fabric as Auf'd designer Wesley {gossip: Wesley revealed in the online after show, that you can only access if you are a American Express card member, that he and Daniel are in a relationship- a Project Runway first I think} or not enough fabric to make a dress of decent length. Suede, who speaks of himself in the third person and has a gross blue mo-hawk, won the challenge with the ballerina-esq. dress, that I wasn't crazy about.

My favorites were designed by Kenley {who I think may be my favorite designer}, Terri, and Korto. I took the liberty of photoshoping Korto's design to eliminate the butt fins, but otherwise I loved the idea of the inside-out look. Who were your favorites?

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it at all. I didn't think that the guy who made the raincoat the first episode deserved to lose and I don't think that Suede's weird masking tape-looking dress should have won in this episode. Am I hopelessly fashion-backward? I liked Terri's dress the best.

Love your site, by the way! I feel like I'm reading my own site. (If I had a blog, or was at all capable of making one.)


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