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Fun Flickr Find from Eric is So Eric. Here is the story according to Eric:

"this was a class project to do a stamp design centered around on the bauhaus movement, i did a series of abstract images paired with bold color chosen from the same colors as the bauhaus movement used. the image you see on this stamp, is a tall building with glass and concrete levels. it was taken looking up.the other stamps had gears/circles-tires/tool shapes (automotive) , silhouettes of hands/faces for civic work .. etc - the series saluted people of industry / industries anyway this piece is a favorite of mine, and my sketch concept is what the class liked over my bauhaus simplicity which is funny because the other stamp deign is ugly as hell with a little screw, with a red white green and blue blotches. hahaha. it was a fun project."

I don't care if the other one was ugly...this one is fantastic!

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