5 More Living Room Inspiration

I seriously cannot stop thinking about that vintage stool....does anyone know anything about it?  I NEED it!

Also, we've been eyeing those shelves from Ikea that A Merry Mishap has in her living room.  I think we need them for our entry area.  

Found thanks to SFGirlByBay and A Merry Mishap.

Update 1: Thank you to the anonymous commenter!  The stool is Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen.

Update 2:  I got one!!!


Anonymous said...

Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen:



Jessica said...

Thank you!!!

Annie said...

I was thrilled to see that vintage stool- when I was a child we had a set of them. I loved them and often wish I had them now. They were light and really comfortable. Very 1963. You can occasionally see them on line. Happy hunting.

Jessica said...

Thanks Annie!

Di said...

My parents have 4 of them that they still use on a daily basis in their living room. They too are the stools of my childhood. Most comfortable and I enjoyed wobbling on them whilst eating!


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