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So, I think I may have hinted before that we were having some issues with our apartment.  Basically we have been having a pest control issue for months at this point.  Our little, um...friends, who we lovingly named Rat Ghost and Vern are quite persistent and smart (unlike the management of our complex).  After patiently, but frustratingly, dealing with this problem we have to move out.  So...we have been on a mad hunt to find a new apartment.  

Given this, you can probably understand why I needed some nice calming inspiration today...

1. Found thanks to Emmas Design Blogg.
2. Azzedine Alaia's paris apartment.  Found thanks to SFGirlbyBay via Trendland
3. (Credit to be added)
4. Found thanks to Likainen Parketti.
5.  Found thanks to Skona Hem. 

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