1 Last Weekend Recap

I have to sneak in last weekend/weeks recap before this one starts!  I've had annoying computer and internet issues this week that have slowed me down, but that's ok.  So some highlights from the past week:

1. The weather was weird the past week in LA, this thick fog rolled in and you couldn't see anything, and then it rained, but there were also periods of beautiful sunshine.  We liked that part.
2. Brit now has an awesome hanging herb garden on our patio, that we are really excited about. It required some interesting and awesome items...like a machete (not really, it's a folding hand saw, but that's what we are calling in) and neon zip ties.
3.  We also got more succulents and cacti (because we didn't have enough already) and did some planting.
4.  Including planting a new aloe vera in my newest  Perch! Campy Planter...I love them so much!
5.  I also got some new Russell and Hazel Binders (I'm obsessed with the yellow one) and a BKR water bottle.  I'm totally guilty of drinking smart water from plastic bottles, because I hadn't found a reusable bottle that I like.  But I think this one might be it. 
6. I had brunch at the Jonathan Beach Club which was delicious and beautiful with great company.  Then I spent some time at my parent's house and got to hang out with my favorite doggie, Tilly. My dad started a vegetable garden while we were there, and my mom was cleaning the pool area.  One of my next tasks is going to be to design their pool/outdoor area, including landscaping and furniture.  The view is awesome, and I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there this summer.

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Kristen said...

hey jessica...where are your great nude heels from? i love them.


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