5 Seriously Awesome Pool.

This pool is just flat out awesome.  I love the elevation change and those tile!

From Dwell.  Architect Padraic Cassidy.  Photography by David Allee. 
Found thanks to Jonathan Lo's (Happy Mundane) Pinterest.


Ali said...

yep, those tiles are awesome. took me awhile to differentiate them from your yellow borders! I also like the look of that sitting area in the last photo

elissa @ faucethead said...

incredible. i love the walk-up edge around the back and pretty much everything else about this.

Elina said...

Oh, love!

tiny dancer said...

OMG gorgeous. I have just barely started working in the "real world" and now am ready to retire to this place :) Wicked pool.


mydeco said...

That looks fantastic! Having my pool like that when I can afford it!


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