3 Melbourne Cottage

I wouldn't mind living here, how about you?

I love that black wall in the living room, the contrast of dark and white cabinets in the kitchen, that laser cut accent wall, and the peaceful inner courtyard. 

From Real Living Magazine. Landscaping by Eckersley Garden ArchitecturePhotography by Derek Swalwell


LINDA from OEKE said...

Hi Jessica. Found you via the Eckersley Blog (who posted that you had posted - confusing, but true). Couldn't find where to follow you so have added you to my blog list instead - and then I can come back all the time.

As you (I'm guessing) you like Black Yellow and White - you might like my umbrellas - I just released a yellow one and have a great black/white graphic one.

Anyway, have to head back and read back through your posts. Cheers (-:

Joseph Pineda - Kitchens Melbourne said...

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mydeco said...

I like the bright feel and the way that the last pic brings nature to the room so you're not really inside but not really outside either. Thanks for sharing this!


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