3 Ideas for My New Apartment....

So, it is finally time to get serious about finding an apartment in LA and choosing some furniture. For the most part I have enjoyed living at home with my parents, but some circumstances have changed and I need to get my own place soon or I may loose my mind.  I am hoping to move into my own place around July 1st, if everything goes according to plan...let's cross our fingers or these posts may turn into totally therapy sessions rather than happy home inspiration.

Anyway...so this is what I'm thinking so far.  You'll notice some pieces from my old apartment {see house tour here}, some items I've purchased since I moved here and just went straight into storage, a few new pieces I'm pretty sure I've decided on, and a couple that I still need to figure out.

Living Room: {clockwise from top left}
Dwell Studio Facet Rug in Cream & Citrine This is already purchased, and waiting in storage.

Ikea Karlstad Sofa in Sivik Dark Grey. I think I made my decision.  If you've been around this blog for a while you know I've been trying to decide on a sofa for years.  I don't think this is the perfect sofa, but I like it and it is comfortable especially considering it's price.  I MIGHT change my mind on this in the next month, but I'm pretty sure this is the one.  And actually if everything goes according to plan, it won't be just one...it will be a pair!

White Side Tables from World Market.  I had these in my apartment in NOLA, I still love them.  They were maybe one of my best purchases ever.  Side note: I cannot wait to start creating my little vignettes again.  I want this apartment to be a little less cluttered that my last, but I miss my awesome little displays so much.

Vintage Metal and Glass Bookcase.  Again, this was in my apartment in NOLA.  I bought it when I broke up with my ex, had basically no money, and had no idea where I was going to live.  I think I ate peanut butter sandwiches for two weeks, but it was so worth it.  I love it.

CB2 Beacon Floor Lamp.  This is one of the options I am considering, but I haven't completely decided.  I know I want a statement floor lamp, but I want to look around a bit more before I commit. I want to see this one in person to see what kind of light it produces, but I really like the way it looks.  Anyone seen this in person or have it?  Or have any other great floor lamp options?

Ottoman from Target recovered in Ikea Black and White Triangle Fabric.  This is from my old apartment and is currently being used as a multifunctional piece in my current room {mini tour here}.

Teve Lounge Chair. I would like to have another comfy single chair seating option.  Unless I find some great awesome piece for a great price between now and then, I probably won't buy one until I actually get a place and see if I have space.  Unfortunately, the Teve Lounge Chair probably won't be the one due to cost, but I like its lines, materials, and color of course.

Vintage Glass and Metal Pyramid Coffee Table...acquired for free and sitting in storage waiting!
Bar Area

A bar cart is a non negotiable item.  I must have one. I am really thinking that I want a Go Cart in Carbon from CB2.  I have my eye on this for a while...and I think it would a really good piece that could be serve a number of functions.  The price is right, and it gets great reviews.  

Urban Outfitters Zig Zag Printed Rug.  I ordered two a few weeks ago in black and grey.  I haven't gotten to try them out yet, but they look nice enough considering their price.  

AWESOME Vintage Letters.  These were in my old apartment, and are currently hanging in my room.  I love them.  They are awesome.  I will be hanging some of my art that I already have, but I would really like to pick up a few new pieces too...preferably mostly black and white with a geometric theme, any suggestions?

Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp from West Elm.  I've also been considering this one for a while, I probably won't get more than one floor lamp.  This is a contender too.  Any reviews on this one? {Just realized I first posted about this one in 4.08...it's been a possibility for a while.} 

Desk Area:

I won't know the layout to know what I have room for until I actually pick an apartment, but I know I at least want a small desk area.  I may either have my West Elm Simple Work Table painted, probably white, or get a West Elm Mini Parson's Desk.  I love it's lines and size, and again the price is reasonable.  

I will probably use the other Urban Outfitters Zig Zag Printed Rug in this area too.

Vintage Bent Wood Stacking Chair. I have three of these that I got at Neophobia in New Orleans for $30.  Mine are black.

Acessories might include some lacquered yellow desk goodies from West Elm, mixed with some of my vintage pieces that are all packed away, and my beloved Vintage Yellow Lamp that I purchased from Morgan of The Brick House many moons ago {that's how we "met"}

Not shown, but there will probably be an Ikea Alex Storage Cabinet in there somewhere...because I've always wanted one, and now that I live 20 minutes from Ikea, I can have one!

I don't know if you remember that I have {er had} a no more throw pillow rule.  It has totally gone out the window.  I think I'm going to be retiring most of my pillows from my old house {a few will probably stick around, like the black and white feather print from Thomas Paul} and freshen things up with some new ones:

First, if you follow me on twitter  you know I recently decided that I MUST own a couple of Hable Construction Pillows.  I have wanted them forever, but never ordered them mostly because they are rather expensive.  But I don't mind.  They are fantastic, well made....and I want them!  I ordered samples this weekend to help me decide, but I think I will be ordered one in Lemon Beads/Oyster and Turquoise Beads. 

I ordered a pair of Yellow Chevron Pillow Covers on Etsy this weekend. And I think I'm going to order this one too, I like the contrast of scale. I don't know, I might be getting a little carried away with this whole chevron business.  

The Lines and Arrows Pillow from Be Still has been on my wish list for a while...it might be time.

I am wavering on getting new bedding...I'm highly considering a Trellis Duvet from Dwell Studio, but I might stick with what I have for the time being.  But anyway...that's where I am for now! 


Alison said...

Looks great, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I really want one (or all) of those zigzag rugs from UO. I don't even need them now, but I am sure I will one day. Look for me soon on Hoarders: Chevron Print Accessories.

Jessica said...

Oh Alison...I'm so with you.

Crissie @ DwellStudio said...

Thanks for including us!! Can't wait to see the finished space!


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