8 Craving...COLOR!

I know, not something you hear me say a lot around here...but I'm craving all things spring and bright.  And you know I always love some geometric graphics and beautiful flowers {especially ranunculus}!

1. From the portfolio of photographer Melanie Acevedo.
2. Barn Piece from Maya Hayuk via Leah Dent.
3. Table setting from Somewhere Splendid via Bright Bazaar
4. Loads of Ranunculus from Sweet Eventide via Poppytalk.
5. Pinwheel Farmhouse Door from Pam Garrison via Poppytalk.
6. Colorful Cabinets from Elle Decor via Solid Frog


Meagan, in house nester said...

It isn't just you - we are all obsessed with colour right now! Spring spring spring!
Loving it,
Meagan, row house nest

Jane said...

Gorgeous collection! Hooray for Spring:) xx Jane

arlene said...

OH WOW! Love the colored kitchen cabinets! Wish I could pull that off in my kitchen without the hubby flippin out ;)!

tina - Half Of What I Say said...

So bright and bold, totally inspiring! Especially love all the painted doors.

Jacqueline said...

Oh I love this. All the colors! Makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Is that a tile painting on the 1st pic? Pretty! I'm gonna try to make one someday.

buyaionaccounts said...

Aren't they the most wonderful eye candy photos I've seen for this spring. This really inspired me to have my kitchen cabinet be striped off from plain white. Pretty.

Sierra said...

I just found your blog via poppytalk, I'm totally smitten ;) LOVE the ranunculus photo!


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