1 Roy Lichtenstein's Ball of Twine

Roy Lichtenstein was one of the first artists that I fell in love with.  I would say that my sense of style and color palette preference has evolved over time, so although I would have preferred a much brighter work of art when I was younger, Ball of Twine has become my favorite of the Lichtensteins.  I adore the simplicity and the line work.

Found again thanks to Even Cleveland.  Images from NY Times and Art Info (shown in Kaufmann House- what could be better than a great piece of art in a great house?)

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Domestica said...

I'm mad about L, too. Seeing his work up close for the first time was momentous - at the Smithsonian circa 1985. Before that, I was relegated to photos in magazines + in books. In Des Moines, we have an amazing collection of modern + classical art, so I'm never far from greatness - thanks for sharing a piece I haven't seen.


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