3 More Great Striped Floors from Jim Lambie

I've mentioned my love of Jim Lambie's work before here, so I was excited to see Tim Nye's apartment in New York Magazine showing off more of his work.

For the record, I would make some changes to that room {like those blinds and the furniture arrangement}, but those floors, and a lot of the other elements {like the art and pendant lights} are fantastic.

Found thanks to Apartment Therapy.

PS!! Check out this interesting post on Jim Lambie's work and Jill Sanders from Agnes at Iiiinspired....


agnes szucs said...

have you seen the jil sander ss 11 men's collection... it's the same as this floor... i wonder if they collaborated, or raf simmons was simply "inspired" by lambie's work.
i got a post on this, take a look, if you will:



Jessica said...

Fascinating post! I had never seen that collection before. So interesting...

agnes szucs said...

oh. :) i'm glad you liked it!


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