4 Black and Brown Leather

My love of black paired with brown leather was question recently.  The combination is currently my most favorite thing to wear, and this beautiful post at Aubrey Road  proves that I am right.

Also I need those shoes.

And some perfect brown leather boots. stat. Does anyone have any brown leather flat boots with extended calf suggestions? I am finding it like impossible to find a pair that I really like...

Update: Check out these great boot suggestions from Sushee...Neither are quite what I had in mind, both they are both fantastic.  Might have to try these on...Thanks Sushee!

Vince Camuto 'Karena' Boot + Vince Camuto Fresnos Boot


Sushee said...

How about -



Victoria said...

Me too. The colours (and tan too) go so well together.

Jen of Made By Girl said...

OH MY...the shoes look great..not normally the colors id get together, but this looks super.


The Glam Lamb said...

me too. its such a fresh mix!


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