5 Suita

Ok, I realize that if you have read this blog for a while you have heard me repeatedly say that I have found the perfect sofa, and that I'm saving up to buy it during one of my many home cures.

But then I chicken out, or spend them money elsewhere, or decide maybe another one is better, or find out its not in stock, etc., etc..  You know how this goes.

Well this time I'm serious.  I freaking love this sofa line from Vitra, called Suita. Like LOVE.

It needs to be mine.

There are some changes brewing in my current living arrangements, that I can't share quite yet...but I really hope to incorporate one of these sofas into the plan.

Let's just pray it doesn't cost like $10,000...

Found thanks to See Saw Designs.


Anonymous said...

OMG- are you buying a place?????? SOOOOO exciting!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great sofa--I especially love the desk/table element on the backside of the sofa....

Holly Knitlightly said...

I loooooove these!

Nicole said...

Just called to confirm pricing for you... Jules Seltzer (my local dealer) says approximately $9,000 list, with 30% off to designers... so $6,300.

Vitra is so expensive :(

Good Luck!
Interior Designer, CID
Los Angeles, CA

Jessica said...

Oh Nicole...thank you so much!

Yeah...I didn't think it would be cheap. Hmmm. I need to start saving :)


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