3 Pal + Smith

Pal + Smith's porfolio is filled with lovely images {obviously I had a hard time narrowing them down}.  They also have a great collection of furnishings, that Madison sofa, featured in both of these spaces, is kinda amazing.

Found thanks to Living Etc.


Linz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linz said...

sorry, i had to delete my previous comment due to spelling error.

what i *meant* to write was: if i had no conscience and/or healthy fear of prisons, i'd steal that yellow chair. pronto.

Anonymous said...

That garden is fantastique! It must be great just to sit in that chair and do nothing but swing, swing, swing. :)

By the way, you pick the greatest items for your blog! I've seen so many things on here I like. Like the Alice garden tools; very unique and fun!



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